An important letter from Sunny.

Hi, Korea Box Family!
This is Sunny, founder of Korea Box.
How are you? We hope you are safe and healthy from the COVID-19.

We would like to share what we have been contemplating about our new shipping system by DHL/K-Packet during the outbreak of COVID-19.

We were informed that boxes can no longer be shipped by regular Korea Post service due to flight suspension to most countries from Korea after the outbreak of COVID-19. In addition to that, although Korea Post doesn't reactivate their service yet they raised the international postal rates incredibly.

We found out alternative shipping by DHL and K-Packet. However, it is extremely pricy (i.e. 4 times expensive) compared to regular Korea Post service which we've used before the COVID-19.

We thought of temporarily raising prices due to increase shipping costs, however, as we are truly grateful to your support and trust about us, we have decided to keep the original price and serve boxes due all at once by DHL or K-Packet.

For those active subscribers, you will get your two-month boxes all at once via DHL or K-Packet.
For those of you purchased a one-time box or subscribed only for the first month or recently canceled subscription profile, who are supposed to receive only one box from us, we will ship your box via a Registered Regular Korea Post shipping with a tracking number provided once the flight suspension ends, instead of DHL/K-Packet due to extremely high shipping costs.
For those of you purchasing multiple one-time boxes a month, we will also ship your boxes all at once via DHL or K-Packet.

Note: For those who are supposed to receive only one box from us and would like to get a box before suspension ends, you need to pay the temporary shipping fee of $11.75 for DHL, please email us at

Please note that unlike unregistered Korea Post shipping, which we have used before, this new shipping system by DHL may result in an import tax or fee at your receipt.
If the delivery fails because you are not reachable, or if you refuse to accept it, DHL will discard the package, and we cannot be responsible for any loss resulting from this.

Here in Korea, our coronavirus infection is getting lower. And thankfully the place where we are based has no coronavirus infection yet. All our staffs and their family and friends are fine luckily. We hope this worldwide disaster ends asap and we sincerely pray for your safety and health.

Please stay well and be safe from the COVID-19.

Thank you.

Sending my big hug to you from Korea, Sunny.