An important letter from Sunny.

Hi, this is Sunny from Korea Box.

I would like to share my long-time deep thought and decision over our pricing with you.

The price of the Korea Box monthly subscription increased. We have maintained the price since the launch of our first box in 2015 hoping KB families can enjoy what they love at affordable prices despite our cost increases each year such as office rents, postal rates, minimum wage, and costs of goods purchased.

The unfortunate COVID-19 situation and the new agreement between the U.S. and Universal Postal Union (For details, please refer to the link: have caused a drastic shipping fee increase.

The alternatives to Korea Post for international shipping, DHL and FedEx also have been increasing their prices gradually due to the uncertainty from COVID-19.

Now we are facing the critical moment for serving your Korea Box. We hope that we continue our service bringing happiness to you every month.

We feel very bad to raise the price in this pandemic situation when everybody has difficult times. But we had to make a very hard decision to keep serving your Korea Box.

We are here to help if you need it. Please feel free to email us at

Thank you, and please stay safe.

Best regards,
Sunny Lee