SHINee 11th Debut Anniversary BOX(**LIMITED TIME OFFER**)

SHINee 11th Debut Anniversary BOX(**LIMITED TIME OFFER**)

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This SHINee DEBUT SPECIAL BOX is the special box,
which is a limited quantity offer for a limited time only.

We brought this idea because after launching
EXO Debut Special Box,
we received lots of requests from Shawol.
They asked us this SHINee special box
on their debut anniversary day as they are already
missing SHINee with all five members
and they wanted to let people not forget SHINee.

This box includes a SHINee history photo book, SHINee photo with frame,
SHINee photo slogan towel, and snack. 


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If you want to have a SHINEE DEBUT SPECIAL BOX for the first month with a FREE surprising treat and get a regular "SHINEE BOX" from the second month, please click the "SUBSCRIBE" button. You will be charged $29.99 for each month. For the second month's box, you will receive a SHINee blanket and SHINee Keychain.

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