KCON Box (Multifandom Available) **ALL K-POP GROUPS ITEMS AVAILABLE **

KCON Box (Multifandom Available) **ALL K-POP GROUPS ITEMS AVAILABLE **

Blanket Imgae

KCON Box is mystery box with KCON STAR goods.

Cut-off date : Last day of every month (Korea time, KST)

Recurring monthly plan

FREE international shipping.

Cancel anytime : Please read here

2 to 5 unique K-Pop goods shipped every month. For first month, you will have blanket and keychain.

If you'd like to customize items with your favorite K-Pop/K-Drama Stars other than the group that you choose for blanket image, please email us at koreabox.contact@gmail.com  **ALL K-POP / K-DRAMA STARS ITEMS AVAILABLE ** (You can tell us all groups you like or your ultimate group)

 If you would like to have specific item in your mind, please email us after finishing payment! 

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