K-Pop Box

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K-Pop Box is a mystery box with your favorite K-Pop/K-Drama related merchandises.

For customization, fill out the form below with your favorite K-Pop groups/K-Drama celebs if any. 

Recurring monthly plan.

Cancel anytime: Please read here 

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For those active subscribers, you will get your two-month boxes all at once by DHL. 
For those of you purchased a one-time box or subscribed only for the first month or recently canceled subscription profile, who are supposed to receive only one box from us, we will ship your box via a Registered Korea Post shipping with a tracking number provided once the flight suspension ends, instead of DHL due to extremely high shipping costs.
For those of you purchasing multiple one-time boxes a month, we will also ship your boxes all at once via DHL.



Note: For those who are supposed to receive only one box from us and would like to get a box before suspension ends, you need to pay the temporary shipping fee of $11.75 for DHL, please email us at koreabox.contact@gmail.com.




If you'd like to see what would be inside, please click here and see unboxing videos. Or you can check K-Pop merchandise collection videos on our YouTube channel