EXO 7th Debut Anniversary BOX(**LIMITED TIME OFFER**)

EXO 7th Debut Anniversary BOX(**LIMITED TIME OFFER**)


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This EXO DEBUT SPECIAL BOX is the special box, where you can get not only EXO merchandises but also can support EXO debut anniversary.

If you purchase this box, you get 5 EXO merchandises and you support EXO 7th debut anniversary. You can check out what you will get from the below images.

This support will be the banner advertisement and cup holder advertisement at the cafe in Korea.

(As you may know, Korean fans set the banner ads at a cafe, cinema,
subway and etc, and a cup holder advertisement at a cafe.)

And this ads promotion will be located at the cafe in front of JTBC.

(Broadcasting channel. One of its popular programs is "Knowing Bros”)

In the box, cup holders and pictures of the banner ad, which will be set at that cafe, will be included.



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If you want to have only an EXO DEBUT SPECIAL BOX, please click the "Check Out" button. NO SUBSCRIPTION.

If you want to have an EXO DEBUT SPECIAL BOX for the first month with a FREE surprising treat and get a regular "EXO BOX" from the second month, please click the "SUBSCRIBE" button. You will be charged $29.99 for each month. For the second month's box, you will receive an EXO blanket and EXO Keychain.

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