Blackpink Official Light Stick Ver.2

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Blackpink Official Light Stick is here!

Detail information about this light stick is as below image. Please refer to until the end of the image for details.

Battery is not included as it is shipped via airmail.

Please check carefully before placing your order. Light sticks cannot be cancelled nor refunded once they are processed.

Product details

Content: Light Stick + Cradle + Strap

Size: 155 x 73 x 253mm
Weight: 150g
Material: ABS, PC, Silicone
Manufacture: TRADit
Country of Manufacture: South Korea

- Store at room temperatures. Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, humid places.
- Handle with caution. Applying excessive force or dropping the product may result in damage to LED lights.
- Do not apply excessive force or pressure to prevent damage. Otherwise, the silicone parts may break due to the material nature.
- Keep out of reach of children. Take cautions to prevent children from swallowing or putting the product in their mouth.
- Compensation is not offered for damage caused by customer negligence or alteration.
- This product is suitable for 14-year-olds or over.

Certificate of Permission
KC Certificate

Bluetooth Certifications


1. When the battery power is low, the color may be blurred or look like a little bit different.
2. This lightstick responds to a specific sound source, and the data is not entered in the product that is initially purchased.
3. Before using, update the software and performance information and specific sound source through the App.
And press the power button for 2 seconds to reboot after updating.
4. If DO NOT download the data, it may be no reaction or the presentation dissimilar.
5. There is a MIC in the light stick to recognize the sound source. The response may not be smooth due to the wearing of earphones or loud surround.
6. Sound sync reactions may be unstable depending on the environment. This is not considered a defect nor grounds for exchange or return.





Play the 2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW Livestream Concert setlist on NAVER VIBE and see your light stick reacting to the music.
* LIVE REACT MODE soon be supported on Apple Music and Spotify. Stay tuned!

[STEP 1] Download (or take a screenshot of) the 2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW Livestream Concert setlist below on mobile.
[STEP 2] Open the VIBE app and go to Library > Playlists, then tap ‘Add New Playlist.’
[STEP 3] Tap the [♪] icon to upload the setlist image.

Check out the link below for detailed instructions.

✔  2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW Livestream Concert Set list



Turn on BLACKPINK's ICE CREAM to control your Light Stick Ver. 2!





 - Cradle components available only in limited editions.


Use the mood lighting mode on our app.

Future app updates for a variety of lighting options will be available.




- Use 3 AAA batteries to power your light stick. (Make sure the + and - terminals are aligned correctly.)

- Insert batteries in the directions indicated by the arrows on the holder and screw on the cap to close.

- Inserting batteries in the wrong direction may cause malfunctions or damage.



Turn the Squeaky Hammer Sound feature on or off with the slider at the top of your light stick. 

Use 5V/2A or lower voltage cables. Do not use fast chargers.

- This product does not come with a built-in battery and is not rechargeable..




- Standard: Press the power button 1 time for lighting -> 2 times for dimming -> 3 times for flashing -> 4 times to turn off

- Bluetooth Connection: Press twice in a row for blue flashing

- Central Control: Your light stick is automatically connected to our control center at the concert venue. (Press the power button for 3 seconds to disconnect or reconnect your light stick to the control center.)




- Turn on BLACKPINK's ICE CREAM to control your Light Stick Ver. 2!

- When your light stick is turned on and songs with inaudible frequencies are played, your light stick automatically reacts to the music.
- Update your software to the latest version.
- Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off Sound Sync.




- Check out the new upgrades made to the second version.




Shipping Information: 

Due to flight suspension to most countries from Korea via Korea Post after the outbreak of COVID-19, this box will be shipped via DHL.

You can check out shipping fees at the checkout step.

Please note that this new shipping system by DHL may result in an import tax or fee at your receipt.

The payment of these custom related fees is the burden of the customer.

If the delivery fails because you are not reachable, or if you refuse to accept it, DHL will discard the package, and we cannot be responsible for any loss resulting from this.