Personal Information Collection and Usage

Membership Registration:

  • Items: Email address, password, profile information (nickname, profile picture)
  • Purpose of collection and use

    1) User identification, member management and service use 2) Prevention of illegal use of services 3) Identification process according to membership service

  • Retention and usage period: Upon withdrawal from membership

Membership Registration

  • Items: Email address
  • Purpose of collection and use: Member benefits, changes to terms and conditions, delivery of notices, handling of inquiries/consultations and complaints
  • Retention and usage period: Upon withdrawal from membership

※ You have the right not to agree to the collection and use of essential items, but if you don’t agree, you will not be able to sign up for membership. Personal information Collection and Usage (Required) – 1:1 inquiry

※ E-mail addresses are collected for members’ inquires/consultations and complaints, and will be destroyed one month after membership withdrawal. If you don’t agree, inquires/ consultations will not be accepted.