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Choose a group or your bias for blanket image

BTS box is mystery box with BTS Merch.

Recurring monthly plan.

FREE international shipping.

Cancel anytime: Please read here

2 to 5 unique BTS goods shipped every month.

For first month box, you will receive BTS blanket and BTS pencil case.


[ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBER] If you'd like to have extra BTS blanket with discounted price, you can purchase at the last page where you head after completing payment for BTS BOX.

** Concept S and E are not available as a blanket image**  

Choose the concept you want and then your bias for a blanket.

If you'd like to see what would be inside, please click here and see unboxing videos


If you'd like to customize your box with not only BTS but also various K-Pop/K-Drama Stars, please purchase K-Pop Merch Box ( and email us at  **ALL K-POP / K-DRAMA STARS ITEMS AVAILABLE ** 

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If you would like to receive a specific item such as a tumbler or calendar or etc, which you saw from our Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, please email us after finishing payment! 

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