ZE:A Kwanghee is the new model for brand new Frozen Fanta

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwanghee is the new model for carbonated soft drink, Fanta.
Coca-Cola Company expressed, “Coca-Cola Korea released Frozen Fanta on May 1st 2016. It’s only available in Korea currently. For our model, we picked Kwanghee since he has been active in the entertainment business with his energetic and bubbly charms. We feel that Kwanghee’s image fits in perfectly with Fanta’s image which is to bring enjoyment and thrills to boring everyday life. So we decided to get Kwanghee to be our drink’s new model. Kwanghee will definitely bring a tinge of positive energy to everyone in this summer.”
The concept of this CF is Bruce Lee, and he shows lots of hilarious actions.
Here enjoy Kwanghee’s funny acting!

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