Korea Box | November 2019 Greet

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Korea Box | November 2019 Greet


Hello to every Korea Box Family around the world! How have you been?:)

 How was your September? In Korea, we had a Korean Thanksgiving holiday, called Chuseok. I enjoyed diverse Korean traditional foods such as songpyeon, japchae, bulgogi, taro soup, etc.

 I guess some of Korea Box Family is going to celebrate Thanksgiving soon! What are the traditional thanksgiving foods in your country? 

 I am a foodie and I like to enjoy diverse foods from different countries. I am willing to spend time on “food traveling”. Recently I tried a Sichuan style Malatang owned by a Chinese guy from Sichuan province. If you are good at spicy foods, I strongly recommend it!

 I hope your October is going to be full of yummy and happy moments ^__^ I am happy when I eat yummy foods. Are you with me? Haha ^^

 Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy Korea Box!




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